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Taxation encompasses your annual tax compliance requirements. For most individuals, their main taxation requirement is the lodgement of their personal tax return, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The tax return summarises your income and work related expenses each financial year, ending 30 June.

We prepare tax returns for our clients to capture all this information. As part of our process, we ask relevant questions, to ensure appropriate items are claimed. As tax agent, we access ATO records such as salaries, interest, dividends and private health insurance. Lodging your tax returns through a tax agent, you can normally obtain a later due date, typically in May the following year.

We can assist with lodgement of multiple years, where you might have missed prior year tax returns. We also prepare tax returns for deceased estates, to ensure appropriate tax calculations and returns are prepared upon death and assisting executors with their role.

The main tax obligations can be summarised as follows:

Personal Tax Returns

  • Income tax return checklist – for guidance with collation of tax information.
  • Detailed questions – for a better idea of your situation and to maximise items to claim.
  • ATO prefill data – access to ATO information for efficient processing of tax returns.

Business Tax Returns

  • Tax Returns for Business Entities – Company, Trust, Partnership and Sole Trader.
  • Minutes – documenting company, trust and partnership minutes.
  • ASIC compliance – acting as ASIC agent to manage annual company ASIC correspondence.

Business Activity Statements

  • BAS lodgement – assist with monthly and quarterly GST reporting to ATO.
  • Payroll – assist with reporting wages and PAYG tax withheld to ATO.
  • PAYG tax instalments – assist with review and variation of tax instalments.

We would be pleased to assist in preparing and lodging your income tax returns.
Please contact us on  phone 03 9882 4846 or by email

Financial Planning

Financial planning is simply planning for the future. In our busy lives we can lose track of our priorities and fail to plan or put aside adequate resources for the road ahead. At Alyansa we can assist with personal budgets and tax planning. We also understand the value of appropriate financial advice. Where required, our role is to recommend a financial adviser, or work closely with your existing financial adviser, to help meet your objectives.

Aside from strategic financial advice, your financial adviser might provide you with a range of investment options, which are selected based on individual circumstances and priorities. This might include managed funds, shares and property.

Young start ups

Start the savings path as an individual or as a couple. Initiate a savings plans for house deposit, wedding, or for a family. Business start up considerations, aligned with accounting and tax compliance requirements. Advice on buying a home.

Career and family

Growing wealth using negative gearing, investment in shares, property and using SMSFs. Protecting your wealth with adequate insurance and estate planning. Providing for family with education bonds, investment plans and payment of mortgage.

Towards the end of work

A focus on you, with increased superannuation contributions and planning for the next phase in life, with appropriate retirement planning. Longevity considerations and planning to have enough.

We partner with existing financial advisers. Where financial services are required we would happily recommend from a reputable list of known advisers. This would include financial advisers, solicitors, home lenders, motor vehicle finance specialists.


We would be pleased to assist in outlining the value of financial advice, recommend an adviser, or work closely with your existing adviser.
Please contact us on 03 9882 4846.