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Financial planning

Financial planning is simply planning for the future. In our busy lives we can lose track of our priorities and fail to plan or put aside adequate resources for the road ahead. At Alyansa Financial Planning our role is to help you meet your objectives.

Our philosophy is to understand what is important in your life and find a way to quantify this; so that we can create a plan, to follow, check, adjust and achieve.

Young start ups

  • Savings plans – house deposit, wedding, starting a family.
  • Business start-up – business plan, business structure, strategic advice.
  • Buying home – home loans, property research, independent legal advice.

Career and family

  • Growing wealth – negative gearing, investing in shares, investing in property, SMSFs.
  • Protecting wealth – importance of insurance, estate planning.
  • Providing for family – education bonds, investment plans, paying down mortgage.

Towards the end of work

  • A focus on you – increase superannuation, plan for the next phase in life, retirement planning.
  • Longevity – planning to have enough.


At Alyansa Financial Planning we provide a range of investment options for clients, which are selected based on individual circumstances and priorities.

Managed Funds

A common way for financial advisers to invest for their clients is via managed funds. Individuals purchase units in a managed fund, which invests in specific asset classes, depending on the expertise of the fund manager. All investment decisions are made by the fund manager.

We can access managed funds for clients through a range of investment platforms, which consolidate investment reporting, provide online access and annual tax reports.


HNW Planning utilise resources of expert property professionals, to source properties for clients. At Alyansa Financial Planning we appreciate the support provided by IP Help.

Guided Portfolios

At Alyansa Financial Planning we are excited to provide a Guided Portfolio service to our clients. This is a simple and convenient way to purchase listed Australian shares, through the use of a text messaging service. Your share portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis, with the support of an experienced and professional research team.

Investing through our Guided Portfolio service provides a transparent way to grow wealth. All costs are known; you are provided with adequate professional support and all decisions are ultimately made by you, the investor.


Financial planning is a separate and distinct service of the Alyansa group and is managed by Alyansa Financial Planning (a Corporate Authorised Representative #411335 of HNW Planning).
Vincent Icasiano acts as adviser (authorised representative #298052 of HNW Planning Pty Ltd AFSL no 225216).

HNW Planning is not involved in any part of the accounting and tax business. HNW Planning is not owned by a large bank or financial institution but is privately owned. The focus is not on the distribution of financial product but the provision of appropriate advice for clients.

For more information about our financial planning services, please contact us for a copy of our Financial Services Guide 010818 v3.0.1 and Privacy Statement.

Please contact us on 03 9882 4846.